Friends & Colleagues   A bunch of colleagues from the Ambient Entertainment Art Department teamed up to bring you your daily dose of illustration. Definately a page to look at !      

Oliver Kurth (better known as just "Olf") is a freelance illustrator and character designer I know from my work at Ambient Entertainment.

Some very nifty character artworks !   The Page of my friend and former colleague Oliver Finkelde and his wife Carmen. Some nice pictures from their life in California. Olee is the head of char FX at Dreamworks-LA.   I have known Michael Aerni for more than 10 years now. He is a character animator from switzerland, currently working at Weta and the guy I created my very first animations with.   Pierre is a very talented visual effects artist I know from my work on Back to Gaya. Pierre is currently working at Weta in New Zealand.   Henning Ahlers is a production designer and my long-time supervisor at Ambient Entertainment.   A colleague of mine from Animal Logic, Kim's work seriously rocks

Great Artists             

If you haven't heard of Craig Mullins yet make sure to visit this page. The stuff this guy puts out will blow you away.   CG Artist Fausto de Martini is a great Modeller at the Blizzard Cinematics Department.   A recent addition to my bookmarks. David Giraud is a modeller and texture artist over at Ubisoft Montreal   Zack Petroc is a great sculptor and concept artist who I stumpled upon after whatching his work on "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"   Jeremy Vickery is a Lighting TD currently working at Pixar Animation Studios   One of ILM's Modellers, Krishnamurti Costra has been all around the forums in the last couple of years with his great models though kind of disappeared nowadays from the community.   A sculpting studio (ya know -- REAL sculptures :). There models just creep me out.

Reference & Training           

Need to brush up on your anatomy for digital sculpting ? This is the side to go. Not entirely free but absolutely awesome. Full highly-detailed 3d Models.   A recent discovery, absolutely gorgeous and free stock photography. Great sculpting reference
  enough said :)