MARI Extension Pack 3 R2

Product Extension for MARI

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What is it ?

Mari Extension Pack is adding additional features to MARI by the Foundry.


Key Features include:

  • 110+ Major Feature Additions and Improvements
  • Fully compatible with Mari 3.x
  • Procedural Edge Wear
  • Dozens of Procedural and Adjustment Layers
  • Workflow enhancements for managing layers, channels and projects
  • Complete Online Help & Tutorials accessible from within MARI
  • Commercial Use on single or unlimited MARI seats

WHo uses it ?

Mari Extension Pack is used by users around the world.

Studios that use the pack are for example:


Weta Digital, ILM, Framestore, Double Negative, MPC, Cinesite, Tippet, Rising Sun, Image Engine, Iloura, Pixar, EA, Crytek, Blizzard, Microsoft Games, Riot Games, Gnomon and many more


  • MARI Extension Pack 3.0 requires Mari 3.0v1 or higher
  • Mari INDIE is NOT supported due to software restrictions by the foundry

If you are looking for a version compatible with an older Mari Version, check the previous release page.


What's new in Extension Pack 3 (R1 + R2)

How do I install it ?

Please refer to the 'Installation' section of our online help

is there any documentation ?

Every feature of the MARI Extension Pack is fully documented.

You can access the Online Help here or via the 'Help'/MARI Extension Pack' Menu Item inside of Mari


If you find any bugs or have some suggestions please let me know using the contact form