Role: Senior Texture Artist, WETA Digital

quick facts

Own Work  Texturing & Lookdev full CG Armour Suits for 'Jor'El' - Russel Crowe 
  Texturing & Lookdev Black Zero full interior Environment 
  Texturing & Lookdev Scoutship Interior

Krypton Destruction Space Sequence:

- Texturing & Lookdev  Planet (Surface, Clouds, Animated cracks as masks to support FX destruction)

- Texturing & Loodev Planet Debris  (FX pieces, animated 'cool off')


Krypton Destruction Ground Sequence:

- Texturing & Lookdev 'Lookout' CG Set Replacement, 

- Terrain Texturing, MP Projections & Debris


Texturing & Lookdev Genesis Chamber hull/set


Texturing & Lookdev of various smaller props


Various Mask painting support on other environments

work samples