Photoshop Interop

The PSD Interop is a PLugin for Zbrush together with a set of Photoshop Actions.

It allows for quick and seamless back and forth between the two programs, allowing you to utilize Zbrush in a slightly different way than the traditional sculpting. The Plugin suit is designed for Texture Artists.




1) Donwload and extract the Zip File

2) Place the .zsc file into your Zbrush/Startup/ZPlugs Directory

3) Load the .atn file via the Photoshop Actions Palette


After restarting Zbrush, the Plugin can be found in your Documents/PSD Interop Palette.


Video Instructions


Video 1 - Intro

A quick overview of the core functionality --- sending displacement data back and forth between Zbrush and Photoshop



Video 2 - In-Depth Features

This Video explains in detail several functions of the PSD Interop Plugin, focusing on the Displacement Workflow



Video 3 - Support for matching color, displacement, masks and materials

This Video explains in detail several functions of the PSD Interop Plugin allowing for export of matching color, displacements, polygroups and materials




Known Issues

- certain commands in the plugin cause your active layer record mode to be turned off. If you want to continue sculpting, a popup will appear informing you that your do not have a layer in record mode. In that case please go to your layer subpalette and turn a layer into record mode