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June, 2024 - Mari extension pack HELP FILES

All Mari Extension Pack Help files can now be accessed via

All webservices have been moved to SSL (https://). Old Links remain the same however if you are experiencing issues, check that you are using https:// instead of http://

April, 2024 - Mari extension pack 6 R2

The 2023 Writers & Actors Strike and its far reaching economical consequences on the Visual Effects Job Market (still available for work btw) gave me a lot of time to work on on m y side project Mari Extension Pack.

The result is a major free Upgrade for Extension Pack 6 Customers and I am happy to announce that Mari Extension Pack 6 R2 is now available for download.

February, 2024 - New showreel & available for work !

I am available for Freelance, Contract and Staff Positions in Texturing, Look development and Environment Roles.
I also have a wealth of Pipeline Dev knowledge, so while Texturing is my main occupation I am open for Pipeline TD roles as well.

Please feel free to contact me if you think I would be a suitable candidate for a position,

August 27, 2023 - Optimizing Mari Performance

I did some extensive benchmarking of MARI Settings to figure out the best settings. You can find my results in this lengthy post


A bunch of environment studies I made In HOUDINI

August 1,2023 - MARI Extension Pack 6

A whole lot of evenings and weekends later, I finished and published MARI Extension Pack 6. 
I aim to keep developing new features for this Series-6 over the coming years that will be made available for free to users of Extension Pack 6.

Extension Pack 6 is available on GUMROAD here

August 16,2022 - MARI Extension Pack Support for mari 5

Mari Extension Pack 5 R9 is released ... supporting both Mari4 and Mari 5.
Check out the new features here.

I put a lot of effort into refining and polishing workflows that annoyed me before, so hopefully others will find it useful as well.


I have joined 'MARZ VFX' in Toronto as an Environment Artist. 


February 25,2022 - MARI Extension Pack 5 R8

Mari Extension Pack 5 R8 is now available. Check out the new features here

August 8,2020 - Joined lego CG SQUAD

I joined the LEGO Box Art Team, helping them transition from their Photobased workflow to a full CGI approach as a mixed Lookdev Artist and Pipeline TD


August 7,2020 - MARI Extension Pack 5 R4

The last point release for the year for  Mari Extension Pack 5 is out 

april 29,2020 - MARI Extension Pack 5 R3

Check out what's new in my latest release for Mari Extension Pack 5 

January 7,2020 - MARI Extension Pack 5 R2

The first point release for Mari Extension Pack 5 is out with many new features

October 23,2019 - MARI Extension Pack 5

I have released Mari Extension Pack 5

June 9,2018 - 1000+ Grunges & imperfections Texture pack

I have released a large commercial Texture pack


MAY 10,2017 - MARI Extension pack 4 RELEASED

I am happy to announce the release of MARI Extension Pack 4


April 23, 2016 - MARI UI Overview Tutorial added

I have added a general MARI UI Tutorial to the  Tutorials Section. While it is aimed at Mari Beginners & intermediate users it has bits and pieces that might be new (or forgotten) by more advanced users as well.

April 16, 2016 - MARI MATERIAL MANAGER ADDED (MARI 2.6 only)

I have added MARI MATERIAL MANAGER to the Development Section. The Material manager adds a material based workflow to Mari 2.6.

It's a development based on a prototype Ben Neall from ILM came up with, that I picked up and developed into what you are seeing there.

january 24 2016 - 4 new video tutorials added

I have added 4 new Video Tutorials covering Extension Pack 3 R2 Features to the Extension Pack Tutorials Section

In addition I've added all newly released tools and nodes to the OpenGL Node List with direct Links.

January 22, 2016 - MARI Extension Pack 3 R2 released

I have released MARI Extension Pack 3 R2. - building on the foundation of Version 3 and placing a heavy emphasis on bringing tools for automated, procedural edge wear to MARI 3.

january 14 2016 - 13 new video tutorials added

I have added 13 new Video Tutorials to the Tutorials Section. Mostly covering MARI Extension Pack 3 with some general ones for Mari 3 as well.


In 2016 I relocated to Ghent, Belgium to work at boutique animation house GRID.

December 14 2015 - automated edge wear using mari extension pack 3

I have been busy creating presets for automated edge wear using MARI Extension Pack.

All presets will be released free of charge to existing users of MARI Extension Pack 3

December 8 2015 - Extension pack 3 released

I have finished and released MARI Extension Pack 3.0, the new version of the popular MARI Plugin

november, 23 2015 - Available for work 2016

I am available for work starting 2016 (jan,feb). If you are interested please contact me.

September 10,2015 - showreel 2015

My showreel for this years is online, containing work from my time at weta digital & animal logic.

August 30,2015 - Artstation profile

I decided to get myself an ARTSTATION profile in addition to this website.

It's yet another thing to keep current and I am not sure divide & conquer is the right approach with web stuff (imho it's just a time drain) but let's see what it brings. 

august 28,2015 - Page redesign and update complete

It's been about 7 years since I last redid this homepage.

So I finally bit the bullet and updated everything and anything - from visuals to content - on the site.

June 11,2015 - Mari Extension Pack 2.1 released

I've recently finished work on MARI Extension Pack 2.1 - a free and open-source MARI Extension consisting of additional Nodes, Shaders and

functionality for MARI 2.6v3 and higher.


For full release notes and documentation look here.

January 28th,2015 - MARI Extension Pack 2.0 published

I've recently published MARI Extension Pack 2.0 - a free and open-source MARI Extension consisting of additional Nodes, Shaders and Functionality for MARI 2.6v3 and higher.


For full release notes and documentation look here.

July 4th, 2013 - Behind the scenes of the Coke Short

I recently gave an interview for the AREA over at Autodesk about the use of Mudbox on the Coke Polar Bear Short as well as some insights into the lookdev process. It also showcases a lot of asset turntables and work in progress renders.Check it out.

January 4th, 2013 - The long lost Coke Short :)

Back in early 2011 during my time at Animal Logic I worked several months on a short movie for coke. I thought it had died since then but apparently it hasn't and has since then been made into a commercial as well.


I did all of the Ice and snow shader development + did actual texturing and lookdev on large parts. This includes all of the sequence on the frozen lake, around the area of (including) the initial ice arch, mountains and a lot of the shoreline.

A full overview over my work done on this short can be found here

October 13th, 2012 - Zbrush/Photoshop Interop Plugin

I've released a plugin for Zbrush in the Texture Scripts Section.

The PSD Interop Plugin allows you to quickly send Discplacement, color, mask and material data between Photoshop and Zbrush

September 20th, 2012 - Latest Hobbit Trailer released

The latest Hobbit Trailer is out. I've been lucky enough to sneak some things like the hedgehogs in there.

August 3rd, 2012 - Man of Steel Teaser

I am spending a lot of time these days working on the next installement of Superman by Zack Snyder and Christophr Nolan. While the movie is still a good while away, the first teaser is out:

April 12th, 2012 - It's a wrap

Avengers had its Worldpremiere yesterday. I was lucky enough to be able to contribute some small amount of texturing work to it.

April 1st, 2012 - MapRenamer

Sick of dealing with different Naming Convention Reqirements for different tools ? 

I've published a new tool to deal with the hassle:

October 22nd, 2011 - Weta Digital

I'll be turning my back on Sydney soon to join the crew at Weta in Wellington, NZ as a Lookdev and Texture Artist. Very excited !

July 24th, 2011 - Lego Star Wars "The Padawan Menace" on Cartoon Network

The 22 minute Lego Star Wars Special premiered on Cartoon Network this weekend. I did some texturing and shading work on it in early 2011. 

January 23rd, 2011 - Showreel Update

I've added some additional shots from Guardians to my reel.

December 23rd, 2010 - Returning to Animal Logic in January

I'll be returning to Animal Logic's Sydney Office in January after a short absence of a few months.