mari extension pack tutorials

MARI Tutorials specific to features or nodes developed by me

Extension Pack 3.x Tutorials

installing extension pack

Can't figure out how to install Extension Pack ?

Edge Wear presets (3R2)

An introduction to using Mari Extension Pack's Edge Wear Presets

Mask from Curvature (3R2)

Full demo of the 'Mask from Curvature' Node 

Channel Export Updates in Extension Pack 3

What's new in the Extension Pack Channel Exporter Tool

Material Regions 1/2 - Usage

A system to layer materials easier

set project path

Pre-configure default paths for your project

Transition node

Covering the Transition Node - used to upres Mask edges with detail

Manifold 3D

A look at the Manifold 3D Node

Installing Presets (3R2)

Installing Presets (Edge Wear, Modo Bake)

Dynamask (Quixel Style) (3R2)

Comprehensive Tutorial on the Quixel Style 'DynaMask' System

Nodegraph workflows

Intro to Nodegraph, build your own Edge Wear System etc.

material IDs

Generate ID Layers ('Clown Maps') and where to use them

material regions 2/2 - tips

Performance Tricks for Material Regions

bake visible to selected paint node

Update a Paintable Node with a new Bake

pinned layers & Channels

A  bookmarking system for quick access to layers and channels

Manifold UV & Image node

Covering the usage and application of Manifold UV and Image Node

Extension Pack 2.x Tutorials

texture scatter 2d intro

In this video I go over the features of the Texture Scatter 2D Node included in Mari Extension Pack 2 - a full on texture bomber for Mari

cylindrical projection part 1

In this first part of covering the new cylindrical projection node,

I explain how to properly align a projection in 3d space

FBM Pack 1.0

Overview over the FBM+ and multiFBM Nodes


Overview over the 'Spotify' multiFractal Features.

color range to mask

This tutorial covers the functionality of the 'color range to mask' node, a way to select a color range for mask creation or grading

Cylindrical projection part 2

A comprehensive overview of all features of the cylindrical projection node.


New features and changes to FBM Pack