mari tutorials

MARI Tutorials & Tricks

Mari 3.x Tutorials

The Mari ui - Use & customization

An overview over the many small things you can customize in your Mari UI. Applies to all Mari Versions.

Extending Gizmos In Mari 3.0

Extending Mari 3v2 Gizmos with new Functionality and working around some bugs

Mari 3.0 Nodegraph

A look at Mari 3 Nodegraph.

Later it covers some Extension Pack Nodegraph Features.

Mari 2.x Tutorials

procedural detailing of masks

Easy to follow trick how to upres a mask

procedural edge masks in mari 2

How to create procedural edge maks.

(Please note some of this is now doable a lot easier within Mari)

vector & flowmaps

Talking about how to use flowmaps inside of Mari